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Four legal documents you need now!

April 22, 2021

Most people find that talking about death—especially their own—to be highly uncomfortable. That’s probably why so many individuals fail to plan their estates. Some people make the effort but don’t follow through. Other folks follow through but don’t update their estate plans as their lives change.

If you want to plan all aspects of your estate, turn to Walter J. Pink & Associates, PC. Using his expert, in-depth experience on this topic, Matt helps people and their families steer their ways through the procedures, which, to the uninitiated, have numerous—and frequently confusing—challenges and complexities. 

Make your estate plan work for you and your heirs by staying in control of your money and medical decisions with these crucial documents. 

You need a will to ensure who’ll get your assets. Without one, the state you live in will decide who gets your money, typically starting with your spouse, then your children, then your parents and then your siblings. If those people don’t exist, a broad category called “other” will be instated. Avoid this nightmare by stating your wishes in writing. 

Designate a financial power of attorney (POA). You’ll have more control over your financial affairs and a better chance that your wishes will be followed. Otherwise, the court will appoint someone to decide.

Assign a medical POA, who will make medical decisions for you if you can’t on your own. Your designee will, among other things, have access to your medical records, consult with your doctors and admit you to a hospital or long-term care facility.

An advanced medical directive spells out your end-of-life decisions such as whether you want a feeding tube or to be put on a ventilator. It clearly defines your preferences and lifts this burden from your loved ones.

At Walter J. Pink & Associates, PC. we will design documents tailored specifically to your family, your assets and your plans for the future. 

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