Augustin T. Pink

Augustin T. Pink

Augustin Pink, the indomitable advocate, and the mind that powers Walter J. Pink & Associates' Criminal practice. With over three decades of formidable legal experience and unparalleled legal acumen, Mr. Pink stands as a beacon of justice and fairness in an ever-complex and sometimes unfair world.

His journey into the legal world began in 1992, following in the illustrious footsteps of his father, Walter J. Pink. Augustin has charted his own course, advocating relentlessly for his clients. His legal prowess is not limited to our nation's borders - he has practiced law in far-off continents such as Africa and South America, honing his global perspective and enriching his legal arsenal.

Mr. Pink's personal fight against injustice has yielded an impressive history of dismissals, acquittals, and significant reductions in penalties and time, even in the most challenging federal cases. He is fearless in the face of adversity.

Choose Augustin Pink, a legal powerhouse with the tenacity, wisdom, and fortitude to relentlessly pursue justice on your behalf. Make sure to have the best by your side - Augustin Pink, where your fight for justice becomes his own.

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